Software for cake shop - CommisSoft v2

CommisSoft, the software for pastry-maker

CommisSoft, the management software for pastry-maker is the ideal solution for you the save time and money each day in your cake shop .

Fare more than a basic cost calculation software for pastry-makers , CommisSoft has been designed by a professional with a view for relevant details. It adresses the overall needs in your cake shop …

Example : Receiving an order for 80 Apple pies . You enter 80, define the the molds … and CommisSoft finds all required ingredients, the food cost and retail price.

CommisSoft offers outstanding advantages and a wide range of functionalities to pastry-makers…

  • More than 520 recipes and 1000 ingredients are already integrated.
  • Enter your own recipes used in your cake shop …
  • Enter your own photos or videos.
  • Download for free new pastry-maker recipes every month…
  • Check the profitability of your cake shop by calculating your true costs.
  • Define the loss calculation of the ingredient. This feature allows you to obtain the food cost more just.
  • Calculate your retail price of each product according to four criteria.
  • Organize the production schedule of your cake shop …
  • A precise calculation of your orders allows you to better serve your customers.
  • Assemble your production cards for a selected period.
  • Print orders for the suppliers or your cake shop …
  • Classify recipes and ingredients through a choice of unlimited criterias.
  • Intelligent search for recipes and ingredients based on selected criteria.
  • Specific classification of ingredients to print requisition and order receipt.

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